Monday, January 25, 2010

Identify a leader

This is a picture of Park Ji Sung. He is a korean player of Manchester United. I am a fan of him because of his potential and determination. He was determined to become a good football player when he was young. He worked hard for his dream and achieved what he is now. He has showed people that working to your dreams is a step to achieving your dreams.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Amazing Race personal reflection.

Today, we had a so called "amazing race". It really drained out the last bit of my energy but it still was kind of educational. I had the chance to look around the Clementi neighbourhood, which I do not think I will have much of a chance to do it. In this "amazing race", the school value that we applied was "expanding our learning networks". It means to learn using different methods, instead just books & books. We can apply it in our daily life by trying out new things that are both creative & interesting.

Team building challenge

Today, there were some activities that required lots of teamwork from our class. I found that my class was very participative & even though sometimes, they spout nonsense, I am glad to see them still participating. Participating is very important as it will help do work much easier & faster. Although spouting nonsense, it can lead one clue to another. Confidence is also an important 'ingridient'. A person needs confidence, or empowerment, to speak his or her ideas. This 'ingridient' can be used in our daily school life. Speak up in class & not to be to ask questions.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Personal reflection for Bridge Building Activity

Today, the first day of school, we had a Bridge Building Activity. It was done within my group. It was quite fun. Working with the group was great! We got to know each other better during discussions. Although there were some minor arguments, it was fun to see all of us actively participating in the activity but saying our own opinions. I find it important to participate in activities as doing it will help us realize our weakness & strength. I did experience a little franticness a the beginning of building the bridge. I was thinking in my mind "OMG! What is this! What are we going to do!" But as we threw in more ideas, the bridge became better in both functioning and looks. I really hope to have opportunities to do these kind of hands-on projects as they are both fun and educational.

Task 1 Post 2

Although there was not anything interesting creating this blog as I had to create 2 during my primary school days, I feel that blogging with SST will be even more exciting as there will be more fun activities, so I will be able to have more things to post about. I think blogging is more fun than writing a hand-writen journal as blogging uses internet technology. Blogging can also be the first step to technology and practise of cyber-wellness with SST.

My feelings and reactions when I received the letter that confirms my posting to SST.

Here is what I probably looked like when I got the letter which confirmed my entry to SST: